About Custom Button Orders

No minimums and no design limits!

Our buttons are 1.75″ metal pin backs. Images are printed on ultra white letter paper and then punched and assembled using our professional button machine! Our suggested reselling price is 2$ per button but feel free to change the cost to whatever best fits your project.

Custom Buttons and Pins

Button Prices

Here is a look at our cost per button breakdown:

  • 1-20 Buttons – $0.60 per piece
  • 21-50 Buttons – $0.50 per piece
  • 51-100 Buttons – $0.45 per piece
  • 101-250 Buttons – $0.35 per piece
  • 251+ Buttons – $0.30 per piece
How to Order
  • Step 1: Fill in the Custom Button Quote Form! You will be emailed a quote total detailing costs (including shipping). If you approve the quote price you will receive a Paypal Invoice for the total amount. Once the invoice is paid move on to step 2!
  • Step 2: Set up your files! Please use our template to make sure your files match our specifications. 300dpi is the minimum resolution we require for optimum printing. Click the image below to download the full sized template: Once your files are set up please save them as .jpg or .png with this file naming system: (customer name)_(button name)_x(number of copies) EXAMPLE: JohnSmith_CoolButton_x10
  • Step 3: Upload your files! You will be given a link to our Custom Button Submissions Dropbox to load all your image files. You may also upload your images in a compressed .zip folder.


And you’re done! Depending on your order size it will take 3-8 days to ship after payment. Larger orders may take a bit longer. Rush processing is available for an additional fee.

To start your Custom Button Order please fill out the quote form:

Pixel & Graphite Custom Button Quote Form